Family… They Know Where The Bodies Are Buried!

BarbiesWe’re getting ready to visit my side of the family on “The Left Coast” for my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. We’re surprising them by flying in from Florida and having a party for them.  Note that my dad is not a fan of surprises and my mom will cry the moment she sees us and without warning during our stay, it’s going to be great.

My husband will never forget meeting the family 20 years ago, we were just shacking up at the time and for some unknown reason, he didn’t run after this event.  I introduced him to everyone at breakfast in some IHOP’ish type restaurant and my mom and dad had birthday presents for me, it was good times.

After opening all the gifts I saw a flash from my past.  At the bottom of the gift bag was a naked, headless Barbie Doll.  The doll, I’m told, was found buried in the backyard; the head has never been found.  I warned them that there were others, “stop digging” I told them.  The only explanation I had was that this is what happens when you are the last people in the free world to get cable and you watch critically acclaimed films like “Motel Hell” at 3am and you’ve outgrown playing with Barbie Dolls.  See… No therapy necessary.

Family… They love you, even though they know where all the bodies are buried.

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  1. Debbie – Too funny! I have 2 daughters and 2 sons and one of my boys (I won’t say which) would occasionally decapitate one of their Barbie’s or take one and put it in a cage or prison of one of his Ninja Turtles or other character of war, or bury them in the dirt somewhere. See how nice it is to visit blogs? We see that we’re not so deranged or abby-normal after all. Or maybe we are….. Hope you had fun at your parent’s 50th. I realize I’m reading this a little late.

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